The International Conference on Biomedical Ontologies (ICBO) is a premier annual conference that aims to foster discussion and innovation in ontology-driven research and development in the areas of biology, medicine, diseases, human health, genome biology, nutrition, food, environment, biomes, plants, agriculture. Researchers and professionals from all areas of biology, medicine, ecology, computer science, mathematics, text-mining, BIG-data analytics and related fields are invited to share their knowledge and experience.

At the conference participants present their work on applied aspects of ontologies and demonstrate innovative ontology-driven solutions.

The biology, bioinformatics and medical areas have seen a deluge of data in recent times from digital record keeping, samples, methods, observations, imaging, sensors, genotyping, phylogenomics, phenotyping and -omics studies. More recently the improved understanding of the microbiome and of its associations with the environment, lifestyle and behavior in various organisms is unfolding. While the generation of BIG-Data is already successfully driving scientific research in many ways, standardized, quality and consistentncy in data annotation is still a major challenge and bottleneck in our ability to draw the inferences needed for discovery.


Hosting ICBO
If you or your organization is hosting an ICBO conference please review the guidelines.